Who is Nyx Iron?

I am a freelance web designer living in Toronto, Canada. My various non-work interest include kittens, old video games, poetry, and transhumanism.

Like many programmers of the nineties, I found myself drawn in to the world of computers through a desire to learn more about and eventually create my own video games. I spent years researching how to do this, experimenting in different languages, and eventually settling on Macromedia Flash where I learned the basics of programming through imitation, sparse documentation, and trial and error. Of course, the language of Flash was hardly a legitimate language – little did I know at the time – but it did lead me down the path to a lifetime interest of how and why computers worked the way they did.

As I continued to design small games over the years, I realized I needed somewhere to display them, somewhere to hold an identity – a website – but how would I create one? If I wanted to have updates and dynamic content, how would I do that? These questions and more led me to seek out and learn a great deal about early web development, from the basics of HTML and JavaScript, to the ever-increasing complexities of CSS. Eventually, I found myself with an understanding of how to design, produce, and upload basic websites – the root of where I find myself today.

Nearly a decade later, my interest in the web has only become more intense. I have kept myself up to date on prevailing web technologies: PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, modern libraries, and more. What was once a self-taught hobby has become a serious career choice, and I have been designing and coding sites professionally for almost six years.

Though my educational choices differed slightly from my technologically focused life – five years at University of Toronto for English and Women's Studies, I am now filling out my self-taught knowledge with an industry standard training in modern web development at Humber College, hoping to sharpen my skills in the industry even further.